When Theft is legal


Life is a leap of faith, I trusted the legal

profession and don't want to lose everything

  due to the crimes of a lawyer and his colleagues.

Learn more about corruption and cronyism committed by Justice Peter Lyons

Summary of the Case

 Press here to study confidential communiques from complainant

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Help expose corruption in the Supreme Court of Queensland by using people power. 'Nobody is above the law even the KING' This is a direct call to Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk to make the Judiciary accountable to all Queenslanders. The Government has decided 'The price of Justice is simply too high' they prefer to maintain the 'integrity of the Judiciary'.  They choose to hood wink the public by simply ignoring the obvious. The Premier and Crime and Corruption Commission simply pretend it didn't happen and ignore us. They consider it a 'private legal matter' So it’s no big deal -  What would you do?